Botanicals Skin Care Products.


I was sent these two products from botanicals to review.

– Botanicals Lemongrass Body Wash
– Botanicals Lavender and Chamomile Soothing Salve

The first product I tried was the lemongrass body wash.

Botanicals describe this product as

‘A pure and natural organic body cleanser, with refreshing lemongrass and mandarin oils and anti-bacterial tea tree. (Palm oil and detergent free.)
Body and senses are awakened and revitalised with botanicals all-natural body wash.
The aromatic infusion of lemongrass and mandarin in a natural plant-based cleanser, will invigorate and freshen your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.
Botanicals body wash is detergent free, naturally anti-bacterial, and made entirely with natural ingredients.’

The consistency of this product is quite thick, only a small amount is required per usage as it lathers up with great volume.It makes my skin feel rehydrated and smooth to touch.

I totally love the smell of this product. I feel it is a mature smell that is very elegant. I feel it wouldn’t be as appealing to younger audiences compared the the rose and geranium body wash. 

When I have used this on an evening I can still smell it on my skin the next day.

The second product I tried was lavender and chamomile soothing salve.


Botanicals describe this product as

‘A nourishing natural salve to soothe, soften and protect the skin. Botanicals skin salve will soothe conditions such as eczema and chapped skin and is highly effective as an ‘after-sun’ moisturiser. Botanicals balms are made entirely with active plant derived ingredients, which support the skin’s natural ability to heal and regenerate new skin cells.’

This product smells devine!! I love lavender products because it has such an intense smell, but none have quite the burst of fragrance like this.

I have been using this product on an evening, massaging it into my hands arms and neck. As I have battled with falling asleep for a long time, I introduced this product to help me relax and prepare for sleep.

It has worked amazingly well. The lavender essential oil helps my muscles relax and therefore aids a more peaceful nights sleep.

I have also seen a significant difference in the appearance of of dry flaky skin on the tops of mg arms. I have suffered with dry/sensitive skin since being very young. I have tried many products with no long term success.

Within a week of using this soothing balm my arms have totally cleared up, I am hoping this will be resolved long term too.

In my experience this soothing balm is a totally fantastic product and serves multiple purposes. It is amazing value for money and has shown massive improvements in my skin condition. 

I would highly recommend both Botanical products I have used, especially the soothing salve. I feel
Botanicals offer a large range of unique products created using quality sourced ingredients. The research and time that has been invested in perfecting these products shows with the amazing results. So I not only recommend the products reviewed but the company as a whole!

The lemongrass body wash is available in a 250ml bottle for £14.50.

The soothing salve is available in a 50g jar for £15.95.

Has anyone used any of the Botanicals range?
I would love to hear your experience.

Thankyou for reading,


Illumens Sweet Lavender Aromatic Taper.


I wrote to Illumens asking if it was possible to sample any of their fragrances as they had been so highly recommended to me.

I recieved a lovely email back from a very informative representative. She advised me on how different fragrances can aid an atmosphere in difference rooms. 

As we all lead a busy lifestyle in this house, it was suggested lavender would be a fantastic fragrance to help us relax and unwind at my given opportunity.

When the parcel arrived I was extremely impressed with how elegantly packaged the taper was.

The box was fisnhed with very fine detail,  the flower pattern on the box is velvet texture and finished off with a beautiful ribbon.

I think the pattern on the glass jar is equally as beautiful to look at. I have throughly enjoyed having it on show in my living room, many visitors have commented on the ambience it gives to the room.

Lavender tends to be a calming, dreamy type of essential oil, which has proven a welcomed addition in our house. I feel we have become settled and relaxed on an evening after a busy days work.

I have and will continue to recommed this company to my family and friends.

This particular product retails at £22 which I feel is worth every penny!

Here is the website link if anyone would like to have a look at the other fragrances on offer. They also offer many other products, take a look around the website.

Has anyone else experienced Illumens products?

Thankyou for reading,

NV Ginger Spice Candle


A friend recommeded NV ‘s website and products to me during the run up to Christmas, she said this website has been an essential part of her Christmas shopping for some years now.

I just had to have a look for myself!

My initial thoughts on the website was how inviting it looked. The colours are very warming, welcoming and appealing.

One thing that stood out for me was how easy it was to navigate. The headings are informative and it is easy to access the type of information you are looking for.

The fact that the contact email is on the homepage is a big plus for me, no hunting around when you are looking for support.

NV very kindly sent out the ginger spice candle for me to try.

I must admit my initial thought was that it wouldn’t me a fragrance for me. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

When I lit the candle I could smell the subtle scent straight away. This was a fragrance that filled the whole room, yet not too much or overpowering.

I am so grateful they sent me this at the beginning of December as it has been a brilliant festive fragrance to set the scene in my home.

We even burnt it Christmas day and all the family loved it. NV was a hot topic over Christmas dinner.

I have found this particular candle has lasted a long time. I have burnt it most evenings for at least 2-3 hours over the last month and there is still a little left. This is a 200ml jar and the website suggests it lasts for around 35 hours, I’m my experience I feel a little more.

The design on the glass is very attractive and looks great in my living room. It’s contemporary design would be a great addition in any room.


This candle is from the ‘velvet’ range and there is many other fragrances available.

Each 200ml jar costs £14.95.
I feel this is considerable value for money considering it burns for around 35 hours!

I would definitely buy from this website and recommend it to anyone!

Here is the website link for further details and information on the other products available.

Has anyone else purchased any NV products?

Thankyou for reading,

1001 carpet & upholstery cleaning/stain removing products.


Today we have been putting a range of 1001 carpet cleaning/ stain removing products to the test. 

I’m sure like many households at this time of year, my house is looking slightly neglected. The dreadful damp and wet weather conditions don’t help with the cleanliness in my home.

I have a hallway entrance to my house which everyone walks through with wet and dirty shoes. The impact of this has seen the condition of my carpet gradually worsen over the past few months.

I have been using 1001 products to try and eliminate the stains, discolouring and damp smell we have been left with.


I had pink speckled stains along the carpet from where we had previously painted. No products we have used previously has had any effect on it.

The first product I tried was 1001 trouble shooter spray. I really like the spray applicator as it is quick, simple and easy to use. 1001 have added a on/off nozzle on the bottle which I think is brilliant, it leaves less opportunity for the product to spill or leak.


I followed the intended instructions on the bottle to ensure I was using the product appropriately. I massaged the liquid into the carpet for around 10 minutes and some of the stain had been removed, however I was still left with some marks.

I then used the 1001 carpet and upholstery mousse. 


I was really suprised at how much power and product was released when I pressed the applicator.

One thing about this product which stood out for me was the beautiful fragrance. It has a sweet floral type smell which was extremely pleasant. 

I left the mousse on the carpet for around 8 minutes before I began to massage it into the carpet.

It didn’t take very long before all the mousse had been absorbed.

Both products (spray & mousse) combined had aided the removal of all stains.

I think because my carpet is so thick the mousse was also necessary to penetrate deep enough into the carpet. I was equally impressed by both items.

After all the marks had been removed I then used 1001 carpet shampoo to fully clean the carpet.


This was a very easy item to use. I followed the instructions as directed my 1001.

I added 3 parts shampoo and 18 parts warm water to a bucket. I then massaged it throughout the carpet.

The smell was sweet which made the carpet smell fresh and clean.

I was really suprised at how much dirt came out of the carpet and the colour of the water.

I will definitely be using this product on a more regular basis to ensure my carpet is kept clean.

To finish off, once the carpet had dried I sprayed on 1001 carpet fresher. I have previously reviewed this product here is the link.

I have been so happy with the outcome of my carpets since using this product. I have told my friends and family about it and would highly recommend!


1001 can be purchased is most major supermarkets.

Each product retails around;

* Trouble shooter spray – £2.50
* Mousse – £2.98
* Shampoo – £2.18

Here is the website link if anyone would like further information.

I would love to hear of anyone else has tried this?

Thankyou for reading,

Danielle Creations


I wrote to Danielle Creations representative manager for the North East region to ask if it was possible to sample any of their uniquely designed products as they had been so highly recommended to me.

He replied with a personal, thoughtful email which makes for great customer service. If anyone has any queries about any of Danielle Creation products I would definitely suggest you contact him (if this is your area) as he is very knowledgeable and supportive to enable each customer to make the right purchase.

The first product I tried was the large cosmetic bag.


I have fallen in love with his bag. It is simply beautiful to look at, I have never seen anything quite like this on the market before. It is large enough to fit everything you could possibly need in a cosmetic bag but also small enough to take away on over night stays too.


Inside it has 4 smaller pockets ideal for brushes or mascaras. And a larger pocket which I think is ideal for the compact mirror and my twisters.

I was also sent a pencil case too.


This little case is beautiful! The outside is a waterproof material which is great to ensure no marks leave stain.

I have been using this case to store all my lip balms as I use lots of them. It is a perfect case to keep all sorts of cosmetic items in as well as a pencil case. I loved getting this case out with my friends, it is definitely a product you want to be seen with.

The third item is a compact vanity case.



This adorable little case is a perfect tool set for any cosmetic kit. It contains 4 various sized application brushes and eyebrow brush. I love the colour too, not the common pink that most girls usually go for. It is chic, unique and fabulous!

I have this currently in my makeup bag but I have also found it really handy to take on a night out too. It easily fits into a small hand bag and is brilliant to quickly alliviate any makeup dramas.

The next item is a suction mirror with 10x magnification.


I am so impressed with the 10x magnification on this mirror. It is so clear and I have found this great for plucking my eyebrows. Although it has the little suction pads on it, it currently lives in my makeup bag and I pop it out whenever it’s needed. This would be ideal for travel use too.

The final item is this beautiful letter opener.


It is stunning to look at. Not a tool that is as widely used as it used to be, but I have been since receiving this. Lots of my friends have been intrigued about it too.

I love the quality across the range of products and have found all work amazingly well and a definitely fit for purpose.

I can see a lot of time and research have gone into perfecting this cosmetic range. I couldn’t recommend this range enough I think they are amazing.

Here is a link to the website to find out more information about ordering or other products/designs of Danielle Creations.

Has anyone purchased any of Danielle Creations products before? I would love to here your thoughts?

Thankyou for reading,

Gloves In A Bottle


This is the first time I have used gloves in a bottle. I suffer with dry and sensitive skin and unfortunately my hands are effected too.

I have never been one for stringent beauty regimes so a product that is quick and easy to use is ideal for me.

A friend recommeded gloves in a bottle to me. This product is and a rehydrating, intense moisturiser and protection cream.

I communicated with a very kind Gloves In A Bottle representative who sent me a 60 ml bottle and two 5ml sample sachets.

This shielding lotion is unique cream to any I have seen on the market.

Most hand and body moisturisers on the market offer artifical moisture to replace that in dry skin conditions. In using such creams, they can easily rubbed off or come off when washing our hands. Gloves In A Bottle works alongside the skin as apposed to masking it.

This cream bonds with the outer layer of the skin and works like an invisible pair of gloves.

The first time I applied this cream I felt a stinging sensation. It only lasted for a short time but I think this is because my skin was cracked and appear like open sores. You can see the redness/dryness in the first picture. This was taken before I rubbed any cream into my skin.


The cream felt like silk and was so light when I was massaging it it.

My skin absorbed the cream extremely quickly and I hadn’t been left with a greasy coverage which is fantastic.

My hands felt really smooth and it has an added bonus of a sweet smelling fragrance to it.


My skin looked and felt much more hydrated and had a lovely shine to it.

I followed the instructions and re applied the cream every 4 hours for the first few days. Then morning and evening after that.

The suggested application amount is around 1-1.5ml which I feel is definitely sufficient. This is great value for money if used as directed as it means you get around 40 applications per 60 ml bottle.

The condition of my hands has significantly improved I am so happy with the result and will continue using this product.

It is available in the 60 ml bottle for only £5.00 from the website. I feel this is expectional value for money.

Here is the website link to find out more information or purchase the product.

Gloves In A Bottle can also be found in super drug stores.

Has anyone else tried this product before?

Thankyou for reading,

Crystal Spring Sweet Orange, Geranium and Chamomile Luxury Natural Candle


I was sent this beautiful, natural scented luxury candle from a company called Crystal Spring.
I had never heard of it before and a friend recommeded it to me, apparently an essential part of her Christmas shopping.

I had an email back really quickly and I must say the customer service was amazing. The lady who contacted me was really helpful when selecting specific fragrances and recommended best sellers too.

I absolutely adore the design of this box it is fab! Very pretty in pink with an elegant embellishment on the front. It is very girly and extremely cute. I loved having this on show in my front room, I really didn’t want to light it.

The candle came packaged really well and is uniquely nested in with shavings and tissue paper.


As soon as the box was open an irresistible fragrance began to escape.
It smelt like a tangy orange alongside  subtle sweet floral fragrance.

As I lit it the smell blossomed and filled my whole living room and dining room. Every visitor commented how wonderful the smell was.


I am really impressed with how long the candle lasted too. I light my candles most days and this candle lasted nearly two months!

I would definitely recommend these candles to anyone for daily use or as gifts. My mum has always been a candle lover and has experienced many different companies. She now only uses a set in particular make. I got her one of these for Christmas and she loves it!

Crystal Springs offer lots of other products too including deodorants and beauty products.

This candle retails at £25 but there is currently a sale on the website offering them for just £12.50. This is an absolute steal!!

Here is the website if you would like to have a look at the offers.

Has anyone else tried any Crystal Spring products? I would love to no what you think…

Thankyou for reading,